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There are several Indian associations in the San Francisco Bay Area. This page attempts to categorise some of these associations.

Community Associations:

Bengali Prabasi, Bengali Cultural Association of the San Francisco Bay Area
Bihari Bihar Samaj
P.O. Box 21223, San Jose CA 95151
Tel: 925-846-3744
Goan Goan Institute
P.O. Box 26574, San Francisco CA 94126
Gujarati Gujarati Cultural Association of Bay Area
Jain Jain Center of Northern California
Kannada Kannada Koota of Northern California
Malayalam Malayalee Association of Northern California
Marathi Maharashtra Mandal, Bay Area
Punjabi Punjabi Cultural Association
45033 Cougar Circle, Fremont, CA 94539
Tel: 510-770 1404 / 415-554-8308
Sindhi Sindhi Association of America Bay Area
P.O. Box 7598, Fremont CA 94537
Tel: 650-345-3663 / 650-641-0796
Tamil Tamil Manram
Telugu Bay Area Telugu Association

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Cultural Groups:

Antara Bills itself as "Bay Area's Most Popular Indian Music Band" and organises Hindi Music concerts at various auditoriums in and around the Bay Area.
A'shore Drama group producing plays in English with South Asian themes.
Basant Bahar Regularly organises North Indian Classical concerts bringing in performers from India.
Chaat Chaat produces shows that blend live performance, video, music, slides and film.
Desi Knowledge This is a non-profit organisation devoted to bringing Indian culture to the children of NRIs.
Dhun Music group specializing in Hindi pop music, filmi songs and ghazals.
Ehsaaz Indian/Western fusion music band.
LOTUS Organisation devoted to providing opportunities for budding Indian classical music artistes to perform and demonstrate their talent.
Naatak Popular drama troupe. Conducts frequent plays (in Hindi).
Pallavi Indian Light Music band. Plays mostly Tamil numbers.
Raaga Kannada Light Music group. If they are playing somewhere, you can usually find information about it at the Kannada Koota web-site.
Sangati Arts Center The Sangati Center is a community center that organises Indian classical music concerts in an intimate setting.
South India Fine Arts Classical music and dance lovers can check out this organisation that conducts frequent programmes in the Bay Area.

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Professional Associations:

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Social Service Organisations:

Association for India's Development (AID), SF-Bay Area Chapter A non-profit organization of volunteers who contribute a little of their time to try and make a difference in India.
Asha An action group for basic education in India.
Charitable Care Foundation Formed to channel aid to the needy in India.
CRY Bay Area Bay Area action center for Child Relief & You.
India Literacy Project Non-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to the cause of spreading literacy in India.
Indo-American Community Service Center Conducts various community based programs for Indians in America.
Maitri Non-profit organisation that provides free and confidential help to South Asian women facing domestic violence, emotional abuse or family conflict
Narika Organisation providing help for abused South Asian Women in the US. If you need help, the number to call is 1-800-215-7308.
Sankara Eye Foundation Raises funds for helping the visually impaired in India and neighboring countries.
TEAM (Team for Educational Activities in Motherland) Focuses on promoting education and improving school infrastructure in rural areas of Tamil Nadu.
Vanitha Non-profit volunteer organisation providing services to communities in need through educational forums and charity.
Vibha Non-profit volunteer organisation focused on child development initiatives in India. Click here for more info on the Bay Area action center of Vibha.
VIDE (Volunteers for India Development and Empowerment) Works for development of India in sustainable areas and for raising funds for disaster relief and rehabilitation.

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Other Organisations/Groups/Clubs:

Naz8Clique: Indian Movie Club Online club for Indian movie lovers.
Wings Loose support group for single parents and those single again after a divorce.

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